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What Is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is a mess of divisive, confusing, and controversial opinion. And the clutter has only worsened over the last few months. After the Federal Communication Commission’s repeal of the Obama-era rules in December of 2017, chat forums, comment sections, and news articles about the repeal sprang up in every corner of the exact place that Net Neutrality was attempting to regulate – the Internet. Now, the beginning of the repeal process will start on April 23rd.

Opponents of  Net Neutrality rules say the regulations hinder the ability to provide so-called “fast lanes” on the internet. Those fast lanes would give preference to certain industries and professions that require the fastest speeds possible to deliver the best possible service. Examples often given include emergency workers such as police, firefighters, and medical personnel.

Advocates for Net Neutrality rules argue that the fast lanes would give ISPs – Internet Service Providers – the ability to deny service to those who would or could oppose their business interests or ideas.

But, it all goes much deeper than that. For help breaking down the topic of Net Neutrality, we go to Stan Horaczek, Technology Editor at Popular Science.


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