51 Percent
51 Percent
The best of 2023

On this week’s 51%, we look back on some of our favorite conversations and stories from 2023. Hollywood speech coach Samara Bay teaches us how to embrace the power in our voices, Dr. Heather Hirsch discusses how women can unlock their “menopause type,” and our associate producer Jody Cowan stops by the practice of a roller derby league rebuilding its ranks in New York’s Capital Region.

Guests: Samara Bay, speech coach and author of Permission to Speak: How to Change What Power Sounds Like, Starting with You; Dr. Heather Hirsch, board-certified internist and author of Unlock Your Menopause Type

51% is a national production of WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, New York. Jesse King is our producer and host. Our associate producer is Jody Cowan, and our theme is “Lolita” by the Albany-based artist Girl Blue.