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The Best Of Our Knowledge
#1663: Is the teaching profession in peril?

The past few years have resulted in seismic disruptions of society, from economic and political schisms to changes in interpersonal relationships. Teaching has changed, too.

Madeline Will, an Education Week reporter, has been covering everything from teacher satisfaction to staff shortages and the racial makeup of teachers in public schools. Some of those pieces have been pretty somber, but the work documenting a profession in flux is endlessly important.

Additional reading

“Teachers are caught in the crossfire of a political and cultural conflict In the Culture Wars,” Will writes in “Teachers Are Being Treated Like ‘Enemies’” 

There aren’t a bunch of positive findings in a recent survey of educators, according to a story where Will summarizes the results.

Regardless of some of the disparaging news around teaching, “I think that the pandemic has shown us the critical importance of teachers,” said Heather Peske, who as of March became president of The National Council on Teacher Quality. 

Will also recently has reported on educators’ wages, job satisfaction and teacher shortages, among a variety of other topics. 

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