51 Percent
51 Percent
Mothering "difficult adult children" with Dr. Judith Smith

On this week’s 51%, we speak with psychotherapist Dr. Judith Smith about how parenting doesn’t stop once children reach adulthood – and how parenting a “difficult adult child” can be especially hard on moms in their later years. We also hear from the women behind Eyes That Weave the World’s Wonders, a new children’s book highlighting the experience of transracial adoptees. 

Guests: Dr. Judith Smith, psychotherapist and author of Difficult: Mothering Challenging Adult Children Through Conflict and Change; Joanna Ho & Liz Kleinrock, authors of Eyes That Weave the World’s Wonders

51% is a national production of WAMC Northeast Public Radio. Jesse King is our producer and host. Our associate producer is Jody Cowan, and our theme is “Lolita” by the Albany-based artist Girl Blue.