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51 Percent
Felicia Kornbluh on "A Woman's Life is a Human Life"

On the latest 51%, we mark the would-be anniversary of Roe v. Wade by speaking with Dr. Felicia Kornbluh, historian and author of A Woman’s Life is a Human Life. Kornbluh tells the story of how her mother and neighbor contributed to the movements to decriminalize abortion and fight sterilization abuse in New York state – and how the Supreme Court went from granting constitutional protection for abortion in 1973, to overturning Roe in 2022. Kornbluh also shares a few lessons from her mother’s story that today’s abortion rights activists can lean on in a post-Dobbs landscape.

Guest: Dr. Felicia Kornbluh, University of Vermont professor and author of A Woman’s Life is a Human Life: My Mother, Our Neighbor, and the Journey from Reproductive Rights to Reproductive Justice

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