51 Percent
51 Percent
Cycle Syncing with Angie Marie

On this week’s 51%, we speak with mountain athlete and fertility doula Angie Marie to learn how some women are applying the concepts behind cycle syncing to their everyday lives. “Cycle syncing” is the practice of adjusting one’s diet or exercise to the different stages of their menstrual cycle. While the theory has become more popular among female athletes, Marie says she uses cycle syncing to increase her creativity, get in touch with her emotions, and promote self-care. Marie lays out some tips and tricks on how to listen to your body in her new guide, The Cycle Syncing Handbook

Guest: Angie Marie, birth and fertility doula and author of The Cycle Syncing Handbook: Identify Hormonal Patterns, Build Holistic Habits, and Embrace the Power of Your Menstrual Cycle

*Disclaimer: This episode discusses subjects like menstruation, ovulation, and specifically, cervical mucus from 8:47-11:17. We’ve opted to air the more in-depth descriptions of these topics, because we feel it is medically important for women to know.

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