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51 Percent
#1754: Alisha Fernandez Miranda on “My What If Year”| 51%

We’ve all wondered about the path not taken. On this week’s 51%, we speak with a woman who went back and gave her dreams a second chance. Alisha Fernandez Miranda talks her journey from CEO to intern in her new memoir My What If Year – and how you can infuse a little more “what if” into your daily life. We also learn about a group of students launching their first startup from Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, and the Girls Scouts of Northeastern New York stop by the studio to give us a taste of their newest cookie and the year ahead.

Guests: Alisha Fernandez Miranda, author of My What If Year; Amanda Allen, Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Director of Product Program; Isabelle Savage, Girl Scout; Savannah Gale, Girl Scout

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