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The Best Of Our Knowledge
The Best Of Our Knowledge
#1623: Paying for College | The Best of Our Knowledge

For most families, paying for college takes a ton of planning, saving, and understanding terms you’ve never heard before, or will ever hear again.

In a recent survey by The Princeton Review, 82% of students said financial aid would be “very” or “extremely” necessary to pay for college, and nearly all respondents, a whopping 98%, said they would need some form of aid to fund the cost of the degree. The good news is that yes, there are grants and scholarships, and loans out there to help. The bad news is finding them can be quite a chore. That’s why we invited Kalman Chany on the show. He is the lead author for an annual guide published by the Princeton review called “Paying for College – Everything you Need to Maximize Financial Aid and Afford College.” Chany is the founder and president of Campus Consultants Inc., a Manhattan-based firm that has guided thousands of parents and students through the financial aid process since 1984. The Best Of Our Knowledge