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The Best Of Our Knowledge
#1592: Teacher Unions & Social Justice | The Best Of Our Knowledge

As the role of teacher unions evolve over the years, some members are continuing to push for action.

This week on the Best of Our Knowledge, a labor leader talks about teacher unions and the fight for social justice.

There’s a new administration and a new Secretary of Education. What is not new is the friction between some local governments and teachers unions. Here to talk about what unions can do to promote social justice is Bob Peterson, past president of the Milwaukee Teachers Association. Peterson currently serves as the citywide representative on the Milwaukee School Board. Dr. Peterson taught fifth grade for over 25 years in Milwaukee and is founding editor of Rethinking Schools Magazine. Bob Peterson is also a co-editor of the new book Teacher Unions and Social Justice – Organizing for the Schools and Communities our Students Deserve, a collection of articles from Rethinking Schools. Before we got into the meat of our conversation I asked him about Rethinking Schools.

Can a student’s mental health factor into their college success? That’s the topic of today’s Academic Minute.

Photo courtesy of Bob Peterson, and Rethinking Schools Magazine.