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The Best Of Our Knowledge
#1591: Getting Social With Social Workers | The Best Of Our Knowledge

Did you know that March is Social Workers’ month? Do you know what a social worker does? Not many people do, and a lot of people who think they do get it wrong. So to find out about how these professionals do their jobs, and what exactly those jobs are, we fired up the Zoom machine and had a conversation with three licensed clinical social workers from The Lakeview Center in Pensacola, Florida.

Sandra Crawford is a certified E therapist, and a master’s level certified addiction professional. Amanda Helm is the clinical manager of The Lodges residential services at Lakeview. And Shannon Massingale is the director of care coordination for the Lakeview Center. Massingale coordinates all medical and mental health services for children in foster care in Northwest Florida’s 4 county area. We started the conversation with that very basic question: when you tell someone you are a social worker, do most people have any idea what you do, and how do you answer the question when they ask?

Let’s take a break from social work and look for a little social justice. That’s the topic of today’s Academic Minute.

Photo courtesy of Lakeview Center’s official Facebook page.