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#1553: A Woman Bears Witness

On this week’s 51%, a woman finally finds a safe place in the remote Rocky Mountains. But when an oil rig moved in, she wondered how safe it was after all.

We bring you a piece from Wyoming Public Media’s podcast HumaNature. Melodie Edwards has the story of a woman who found a safe place, but in a land that’s under threat.

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) — Microsoft is revamping its practices for investigating workplace allegations after a group of women shared stories of discrimination and sexual harassment. CEO Satya Nadella sent a letter to employees about the changes April 15. Nadella says the company is increasing support services for workers who say they’ve experienced misbehavior, including a new “Employee Advocacy Team” to help guide employees through investigations. He says Microsoft will also require inclusivity training for all its roughly 16,000 managers; set new and more consistent disciplinary guidelines; and create more transparency about the outcome of investigations. The changes follow a large internal email chain started in March by employees sharing personal stories of experiencing misconduct. That caught the attention of top executives. Nadella’s letter to employees was first reported by news site Quartz.

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