51 Percent
51 Percent
#1489: Training Women Journalists In The Least-Covered Places

On this week’s 51%, we look back at one of the women’s marches in New York and hear from the founder of a nonprofit that trains women journalists in the developing world.

Back on January 20, in cities around the world, women demonstrated for the second straight year. 51%’s Patrick Garrett reports.

Just a warning… There is a reference to a sexual act in this interview that may not be appropriate for some listeners.

Cristi Hegranes wanted to be a foreign correspondent since she was 6 years old. Within days of achieving her dream job, she realized she was the wrong person for it. Who are the right people? The women who actually live in the countries usually covered by outsiders. So she decided to train women journalists and give them a platform to tell the stories of their own communities. “To change the story, you have to change the storyteller”. KALW’s Inflection Point host Lauren Schiller spoke with Cristi Hegranes, founder and executive director of the Global Press Institute. Hegranes starts by talking about the genesis of her nonprofit.

That was Cristi Hegranes, founder and executive director of the Global Press Institute.  She was speaking with Inflection Point host Lauren Schiller, produced at KALW in San Francisco. Hear Schiller’s other conversations at inflectionpointradio.org, and on her Inflection Point podcast.

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